What is Augmented Reality ?

a cutting-edge technology enables any print or digital image to say lot more in an interactive & engaging way!

AR for Education

publishers can enable AR technology to increase the sales & also to deliver better visual & audio interactive experience to the readers.

AR for Retail

Increases foot traffic & creates lot of buzz about the product, as per the latest survey participants valueing the AR products 40% higher to non-AR products.

AR for Gaming

Augmented reality enables gamers to experience 3d games in real world environment with lot of physical interaction!

lot more...
Lot more...

Expo Presentation......

"Our sales increased by $50 Million using AR apps"

Gabriel Weiss

Interactive Marketing Technologies,
Mitsubishi Electric

What is so different about us?

We are a line-up of passionate engineers,developers & designers with lot of creative thinking & business knowledge.

Few Amazing Apps we developed

We work on

PC / Mac

Games, industrial applications
& AR applications



Android / IOS Mobile

Games,apps,industrial apps

AR app Pricing


  • 2 Print / Digital collaterals
  • 2 Virtual Buttons
  • 1 hr AR Consultancy
  • Basic Analytics
  • Joint logo promotion
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  • 5 Print / Digital collaterals
  • 5 Virtual Buttons
  • 4 hr AR Consultancy
  • Basic Analytics
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  • Custom Print/Digital
  • Custom Virtual Buttons
  • Custom AR Consultancy
  • Advanced Analytics
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What they say

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